Supporters of Our Mission and Goals

Individuals and organizations who support the mission and goals of the Silence the Horns project agree that automakers should stop using horns sounds as indicators for non-emergency situations such as locking a car, filling tires with air, charging the battery of an electric vehicle, remote start, warning of key left in a car that is running, or vehicle location. This environmental noise should be eliminated at its source. We do not agree with automakers' claims that consumers are responsible for the noise because they have the option to not use the horn sound. We are grateful to car owners who refrain from using horn sounds for lock signaling, but we consider automakers responsible for the cacophony in our communities.

Horn-based lock signaling is known to interrupt sleep and reduce the ability to concentrate, as it travels into bedrooms and other private spaces in spite of residents' efforts to avoid the sound with closed windows. Sufficient sleep is integral to good health. Sleep disruption contributes to a cascade of health conditions, and leaves one vulnerable to accidents at work and on the road. Reducing and eliminating lock signaling sounds from our midst will ultimately lead to increased peace and quiet, and to the health benefits of a friendlier soundscape.

Unnecessary horn use is also a potential safety hazard. Use of a horn to reflect a non-emergency is clear misuse of a safety device. Expressing support for our project does not imply agreement with our related opinions and statements, such as editorials, other site posts, and social media posts.

The American Tinnitus Association

The American Academy of Pediatrics 
Committee on Environmental Health, Long Island Chapter

The Right to Quiet Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection

The Nature Sounds Society

The Canadian Association for Sound Ecology

The Finnish Society for Acoustic Ecology

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet

The Hyperacusis Network

Amy Alkon, nationally-syndicated applied science columnist and author of
the science-based book Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck

"Nobody has a right to change the ambience in your home."

Gordon Hempton, Founder, The One Square Inch of Silence Foundation

"I applaud your efforts, as those car horns go off in the Hoh Rain Forest visitor center
parking lot all day long and travel for miles through my precious wilderness."

Jens Nielsen, Columnist, Radio Host, Driving with Jens

"Noise pollution is something we should all consider and care about.
The collective effect of all vehicles in our neighborhoods and communities
produces an overwhelming amount of environmental noise pollution."

The Qu�bec Minister of Transport is not one of our formal supporters,
but Soci�t� de l'assurance automobile du Qu�bec posted this statement
in response to a request from some of our supporters in Montreal

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